At the beginning of September 2015, a group of 47 Early Career Scientists (ECS) met at the University of the Azores, Portugal, for a workshop sponsored by the Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO). Hence, DCOECS15. The workshop was the third in a series of ECS events hosted by DCO (read more here and here), but this time the organizing committee tried something new.

DSCF1827_smallWe got permits to sample at Furnas hydrothermal field on São Miguel island, and knowing that we were bringing some very talented scientists to the workshop, we asked them to help plan and implement a day of sampling.

At the end of the workshop, we sent the recovered samples (fluids, sediments, and gases) home with 12 of the attendees. The goal of this blog is to chart the sample analysis as we work toward generating both an open access publication and an openly available dataset.

The workshop was organized by:

Donato Giovannelli, Rutgers University, USA/ISMAR-CNR, National Research Council of Italy
Fátima Viveiros, CVARG, University of the Azores, Portugal
Katie Pratt, University of Rhode Island, USA
Cody Sheik, University of Minnesota Duluth, USA
Daniel Hummer, Carnegie Institution of Washington, USA
Alysia Cox,  Montana Tech of the University of Montana, USA
Dana Thomas, Stanford University, USA